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Has a warning light suddenly reared its ugly head on your dashboard? First things first, don't ignore it. A warning light could be something very minor but could also be either a big problem or could become a big problem. Bring your vehicle to our expert diagnostic mechanics at Wimbledon Autocentre where we will troubleshoot the issue before it can potentially take you off the road.

Latest Diagnostic Equipment

Prevention is better than cure

Our systems allow us to troubleshoot any warnings your car is giving you. A check engine light could be a whole manner of different issues and as the engine is the heartbeat of your vehicle, we highly recommend getting this checked as soon as possible at our garage in Wimbledon. Our systems allow us to check your vehicle for tyre issues, electrical system issues, lights (front, rear and side), emissions and issues with your engine.

We hook your vehicle up to our laptops and use the latest software to pinpoint the cause of the problem. The checks can take approximately one hour, but it is possible the checks may take longer should further repairs be required. We will always check with you first and ask for your permission to make these repairs. Give us a call in Wimbledon today.

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All cars these days include computing systems which monitor and control all kinds of things from the temperature of your engine to your vehicle's emissions and much more. These systems, when a problem occurs, send error codes which our diagnostic equipment will pick up and read. These however could just be the tip of the iceberg with something more serious lying underneath. 

"Excellent garage. I work nearby and I drive an old car that often needs little bits sorting out and tweaking. Joe is very good at fitting me in, sometimes even the same day. They always do a thorough job, and are willing to spend the time doing the annoying jobs that other garages would say require new parts. Highly recommended."

"Very clear about their charges. The bonnet latch on my VW needed to be replaced which involved a lot of dismantling and faff. Job was well done and it was a very positive experience. I recommend this garage and will use them again."

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Almuth Tebbenhoff, Google

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Warning light appeared on your dashboard? Don't delay. Call us today to book in a diagnostic check on

020 8544 0600

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