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Is your vehicle ready for its MOT? Make sure you pick a fully registered and certified centre. Wimbledon Autocentre Ltd carry out full checks on class 4 & 7 vehicles including commercial vans. If we find anything that requires fixing we will always consult with you first, and complete the repairs with your permission.


Quality Auto Repair

We carry out in depth 45-minute MOTs to ensure your vehicle is kept in top condition. Once any repairs are made, we are happy to offer advice on keeping your vehicle in prime condition. If your car requires attention in the future due to something we may have found, we will advise you about this too. 

You can find out if your MOT test is due to by visiting the .gov website and entering your car's registration. The website will tell you when your current MOT expires. You can also check your car's MOT history. Please ensure your MOT is booked in good time before this date so you spend no time off the roads.

car on ramp being fixed


Whether you use your car for commuting or pleasure, or your vehicle is your livelihood, you'll want to make sure it stays in fully working order to get you around. Our full vehicle service will give us the chance to identify any signs of damage or wear and tear, no matter how small, so that we can carry out repairs as early as possible to ensure it doesn't become a bigger problem, saving you money on a more costly repair in the future!

"I recently had my car serviced and new MOT at Wimbledon Autocentre - the staff are friendly there were no hidden charges definitely recommend them 5 star service"

MoB-45, Yell

"Lovely friendly staff very knowledgeable, fixed my car first time."

MichaelB-1887, Yell

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Due your MOT and service? Get in touch with us today on
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